Sleeping in With: Lera Pentelute and Aaron Childs


This week's Sleeping in With story features Lera Pentelute and Aaron Childs. Lera is a Los Angeles based model, but don't let her good looks fool you, she graduated cum laude from USC with a degree in economics and psychology. Her boyfriend, Aaron, is a singer/song writers and captured Lera in their cute home with his iPhone. Check out the photos of this natural beauty below in some of our favorite SKIVVIES and Knitz.

What is the first you do when you wake up? 
Lera: Bed yoga
Aaron: Hit snooze

What's on your nightstands?? 
Lera: Essential oils, herbal medicines, candles, phone
Aaron: My record player -- I like to go to sleep that way

Morning hike or sleep in?
Aaron: Sleep in, afternoon hike
Lera: Pretty much

Dogs or cats? 
Lera: Cats
Aaron: Dogs. Cats don't like me

Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man? 
Lera: Getting dressed! He thinks everything looks great.... 
Aaron: Nope she sees it all

Who controls the remote? 
Lera: No TVs around here
Aaron: Unfortunately

Who takes longer to get ready?
Aaron: She does
Lera: I do

Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?
Lera: Cold gray mornings. We don't get too many in LA, so that weather actually makes me wan to run outside.

What do you do to relax?
Lera: Yoga. It's really the only time I can turn off my phone without worrying about a missed call.
Aaron: I'm not really sure, I can't remember the last time I got to relax.

Who hogs the bed covers?
Aaron: She does
Lera: He does