Photography by Marta Cabral

Mafalda Castro of Last Time Around has been under our radar for the past year. She is one of our favorite bloggers and what we love most about her style is that she knows how to make any outfit her own by giving it her own unique touch. We recently caught up with Mafalda so we could ask her about her style and life in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tell us about Lisbon, Portugal. We would love to hear all the amazing things about your hometown! 

I would say that the perfect day for me would involve a stroll downtown, do some shopping and spend the evening on some rooftop party with my friends. Lisbon is full of enchanting stories on each corner of the city, it's an old town with a very rich history which makes everything so magical. Not only the city of Lisbon is beautiful, but historical villages around like Cascais and Sintra are amazing and with super rich monuments and places to visit.

What is the fashion scene like in Lisbon?

Well in my opinion the fashion scene in Lisbon it's pretty interesting. Younger people tend to be in two categories: super different and edgy, with high platforms and crazy style, or really feminine and with form-fitting clothing. Older people who are into fashion tend to have a very put-together style. I think Portuguese people are really good at playing safe and having cool effortless style, in general I think people still need to learn how to play with clothing and have fun with it. The style here is very European but with that latin vibe we all have.

We're in love with your style. How did you get started with your blog? 

Ohh that's so sweet. Well like many others it started in the most random way possible, I was at home and decided that I was going to have a blog since I was thinking about taking a degree in Journalism (which I'm taking now). So in a beautiful day in October 2011, I started to post on my blog Last Time Around. I started to post only about fashion, models and fashion tips. When I shared pictures of myself the feedback was truly positive so I thought that it would be nice to start posting my everyday looks. From then I haven't stopped, the blog has given me so many opportunities and I have so much fun with it!

What are your best Fall fashion tips as the weather cools down? 

My best tips are definitely don't leave your hat home. Wearing a hat gives such an edge to every outfit, and I think especially in Fall you need to pull of cool but comfortable looks. In my opinion accessories make the outfit. Also this Fall I think light knits and lace will make the perfect look for everyday life, because you can pair with with simple black boots and jeans or with some high-heeled boots and shorts. I love Fall because you can play with clothing, mix everything and make amazing outfits, it's the season to have fun dressing.

Tell us about your outfit and how you chose to style it 

Well, for the black outfit I have to admit that I fell in love with the top. I chose to wear it with the skirt because it looks like it's a dress and makes the perfect combination. The fact that you can wear it as dress or separate makes it so much more interesting. The yellow dress is just such an unique piece that I had to own and wear. It is now one of the most beautiful pieces I now have in my closet! I decided to wear some gypsy/boho inspired jewelry with both outfits and some chunky black boots. I wanted to keep everything simple and let the beautiful pieces from For Love and Lemons shine.