Sleeping in With: Jenny and Jason Lee Parry



Welcome to part three of the Sleeping in With series. We are so happy to announce that this will be an ongoing series! Our favorite part aboutSleeping in With is that everyone's photos turn out so different and we can really get a taste of each couple's style. This week we present our third couple, Jenny and Jason Lee Parry - we all know Jason for his amazing photography and Jenny is his super cute wife, a model/actress, and his muse. We've been following this adorable family of three (their Sheltie named Leon) for a while and we can't get enough of them. All these photos came from Jason's camera so thank you Jenny and Jason for giving us a peek into your life.


Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday? 
Jenny: I run out and grab croissants or bagels and coffee. I'm not the best cook... yet. 
Jason: Country potatos


What do you put on to impress your man? 
Jenny: Thigh highs. It's pretty much his favorite thing. 
Jason: Sounds like she knows me pretty well.


What do you do to relax? 
Jenny: Hot showers, laying around watching movies or a glass of wine. Ideally all three in a night for ultimate relaxation.
Jason: Watching movies


Favorite tunes to wake up to? 
Jenny: Something happy like Hall & Oates Pandora for sunny days and maybe jazz for cloudy mornings.
Jason: Tom Petty, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Pink Floyd


Dogs or cats? 
Jenny: Dogs. I'm allergic to cats. We have a furry son named Leon who is the light of my life!
Jason: Dogs. Of course.


What's your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES? 
Jenny: Peeking out from anything I'm wearing. It's fun to know I have something sexy on underneath. 


Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word. 
Jenny: Passionate 
Jason: One word is impossible


Coffee or tea? 
Jenny: Coffee! Strong and black 
Jason: Green tea


Cold gray mornings where you stay in bed all day? Or warm sunny mornings? 
Jenny: Warm sunny mornings. I'm a California girl.
Jason: 50/50


Morning hike or sleep in? 
Jenny: Depends on the night before... but a hike would make me feel better about myself.
Jason: I like morning hikes.