IN THE STUDIO: Our Holiday 2015 Collection


IN THE STUDIO: Holiday 2015

We've always been a bit mysterious about what goes on behind the scenes of our brand, but we'd like to change that starting now. Our goal is to start blogging more about life at the For Love & Lemons headquarters so you can see what we do on a daily basis and learn more about how much detail we put into every garment. To start off, we thought we'd show you how designed our latest Holiday 15 collection, Golden Hour Getaway.  For this season we were feeling the winter romance. Our previous collection was inspired by more geometric tapestries and tile works, so we wanted to return to the floral world. Every flower has a special placement and started off as a drawing in our design studio. We want our clothes to make you feel good, so we designed the fabrics ourselves and chose placement that would contour and highlight your body in the best way. Every single one of our fabrics is designed and created in-house, we do not outsource, we thrive off of uniqueness and creating pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.


This season we wanted to work with a dreamy, washed out, sun-faded palette. Soft winter colors: mauve, pale blues, ivory, muted golden mustard. We also experimented this season with engineered velvet burnout panels, which is how we created the "Sierra Scarf Midi Dress". The velvet burnout pattern is actually all manually placed on the garment which started from a computer sketch, all the details count.


There are many steps before we get to the final garment we pictured above. We work with our in-house pattern makers to sew up the first prototype and from there we make changes during the fittings so that everything is flattering and super special. We are detail-freaks over here, making sure the dress is completely accurate to our overall vision each season. After the initial fit our pattern makers revise their work and either make another fit sample or move straight into final fabrics, which we take the time to fit once again to make sure it's perfect. Sometimes when we switch fabrics from proto to final fabric the drape is slightly different, or one fabric stretches more than the other. We make more adjustments as needed until everything is perfect.


For this season's fabrics, we hand drew flowers with pen and ink for a couple days, referencing vintage flower encyclopedia drawings and old imagery. From there we scanned in our sketches, cleaned them up in photoshop, created a tossed layout, and recolored everything. After we have the computerized version of our fabric designed, our factory will bring it to life in different compositions like silk or rayon, even embroideries and laces. Sometimes the fabric doesn't come back exactly how we envisioned - maybe the print came back too large or a color isn't working for us anymore.. we will go back and forth making corrections until it looks and feels just right. 


We found this amazing vintage crochet lace piece and worked with our factories to make a Battenburg lace layout for our dresses and bodysuits. The lace is hand stitched and very detailed - what makes it so special is we designed all the pieces to go over specific areas of the garment. We even incorporated the crochet lace into our skivvies, so our factory made smaller pieces for us to use on our bras and panties. 


On the left is the beginning drafting stage for the Penelope Bodysuit and on the right we have the completed bodysuit!


Every season we challenge ourselves to create something new and different than the previous season. A new technique we developed was sewing individual floral shapes onto tulle. It's a very tedious process because each piece is hand cut and sewn into a specific spot on the garment, but we take that extra step so you can wear something totally unique. 


After we have the finalized fabrics and perfected the fit of the garment, we will start sewing up the first sample set. Once the final collection is complete and all our designs are actual garments, we shoot a lookbook that will help tell the story of the collection. 


It doesn't end just there, we have to patiently wait another 5 months before it becomes available for purchase. So what happens during those 5 months? Our sales reps are busy selling it to the buyers at your favorite retailers like Revolve Clothing and Free People. Once we know how many pieces we need to manufacture, we go into production and work on other projects while our factory makes everything. In a society filled with instant gratification, waiting a year to show you our creations really tests our patience. Wanna know something crazy? We're already designing our fall collection that will be hitting stores in August of 2016! I know, so far away.. but we promise that your future self is going to look CHIC!



If there's one thing we want you to take away from this blog post, it's that nothing makes us happier than seeing you wear our designs. There is about a year of development that goes into each dress - the journey to finally seeing you wear our clothes is a long one, but it's so worth it. We want to make sure everything is special and make you feel like you truly own something unique. If you've been following the company, thank you for growing with us and for all your support. If you recently found out about the brand, welcome to the family. We can't wait to show you what we have waiting for you next season!