Sleeping in With: Courtney Halverson and Eric Neujahr


Meet Courtney Halverson, the newest future wifey for our Sleeping in With series. She just got engaged to her boo, Eric, in Portland last week so these photos have that extra aww factor. Courtney leads a busy life as an actress and part-time blogger, but when she has some free time, you can catch her at home taking a bubble bath and sipping on a glass of wine. The couple recently moved to LA together and their apartment is finally starting to feel like home. Now that the couple is engaged, Courtney said that taking the photos felt "really special". We knew Courtney and Eric would be perfect for this series because they know how to take it easy on a early Saturday morning. 

Congrats on the engagement! All photos of Courtney were taken by Eric in their home.



Lingerie or old t-shirt?
Courtney: Old t-shirt + lingerie. I like to be a contradiction.

What’s on your night stand?
Courtney: I want to say something really cool, but usually just a plant and like a million water glasses and coffee mugs.


Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?
Courtney: I haven’t done it in ages, but I do love to get up early and make waffles.
Eric: Over medium eggs with oven roasted bacon and an English muffin.

Coffee or tea?
Courtney: Coffee. Always. I’ll have tea at night before a bath.

Eric: Blue Bottle coffee. What is tea?

Are you an early riser or sleeping in kinda girl?
Courtney: Early riser! I always have been, and I tend to fall asleep crazy early like an old lady anyways.

What is your current Netflix binge?
Courtney: Narcos! I’m hooked. Pun intended?

Eric: Ditto on Narcos. Portlandia too.


Favorite tunes to wake up to?
Courtney: I like to listen to books on tape in the morning while I get ready. Or Dolly Parton.

Eric: Bob Dylan’s ‘Oh Mercy’.

What part of your morning routine can you not do without?
Courtney: Coffee! I need that morning ritual so bad.

Eric: Pointless internetting in bed. Helps me slowly wake up.

Who does the most chores around the house?
Courtney: We split things really evenly. I’m bad about doing dishes, but I do love sweeping.

Eric: It’s a pretty even split.


"The ring is so completely me. It's by the designer Satomi Kawakita based out of NY. It's rose-gold with a champagne diamond (because I love champagne more than anything) and has a delicate band. I always knew that I didn't want anything too clunky or silver, or old-fashioned, so this ring is completely my style. I think it's the ring I would have chosen for myself, but it's so much more special to me that Eric picked my dream ring himself."


Who hogs the bed covers?
Courtney: Ooh, that may be me? I don’t know!

Eric: She does. I run hot though, so that’s okay.

Who said I love you first?
Courtney: He did, and it completely took me by surprise. One of the best moments in my life.
Eric: I did, and I was completely nervous. 


Who takes longer to get ready?
Courtney: For sure me, but not by much. We both tend to run out the door pretty fast.

Eric: Her. I’m ready in 15 if need be.

What’s your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES?
Courtney: I like to wear them out, underneath a more covered outfit. Keep them as a surprise for later.

What is your favorite KNITZ piece?
Courtney: For sure the Joplin Cardigan. I want it in basically every color.


Dogs or cats?
Courtney: Dogs. I’ve never had a cat.

Eric: Hard to choose. I grew up with cats, but I love Mops.

Describe your man in one word. Describe your woman in one word.
Courtney: Kind.

Eric: Caring.