Sleeping in With: Isabel Tan and Nick B


Can you believe that our Sleeping in With series is already a year old? In case this is your first time reading our blog, Sleeping in With is about the intimate moments between you and your man on a lazy weekend morning. Our favorite part about the series is of course, seeing the imagery that the couple creates and seeing our designs in action. There are a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" when we see the photos for the first time and we can really get a sense of the couple's uniqueness.

This week we caught up with Isabel and Nick, all the way in Singapore! A new season means a new collection and we are so excited that Isabel is wearing our latest SKIVVIES styles. This adventurous duo loves traveling around the world, but when they want to take it slow, you can find them snuggled up at home on a Saturday morning. 

Photos by Daryl Aiden Yow


Leather or lace?
Isabel: Lace

Describe each other in one word.
Isabel: Funny
Nick: Cute

Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day or warm sunny mornings?
Both: Cold gray morning, cuddles, and Netflix.


Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?
Isabel: Flourless banana pancakes topped with some strawberries and blueberries!
Nick: I can make eggs? hahah

First thing you do when you wake up?
Both: Check our phones..


What's on your night stands?
Isabel: Candle, empty photo frame (couldn’t pick a photo to put in it, but it looks pretty cute empty too so I might just leave it like that..)

Mimosa or bloody mary?
Isabel: Mimosa!
Nick: Water.. for the hangover.

Who controls the remote?
Isabel: I’m pretty indecisive so.. him.

Dogs or cats?
Isabel: Both! Animals in general are awesome.


Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man?
Isabel: Nope, I feel comfortable around my man and vice versa.

Morning hike or sleep in?
Isabel: Sleeping in, but once in awhile hikes are fun too!

Tell us your favorite joke.
Isabel: I usually just show him a funny meme/photo I find on the internet or Instagram. It’s usually animals related.


What do you put on to impress your man?

Lingerie or old t shirt?
Isabel: It depends, I like both!
Nick: Both


Who takes longer to get ready?
Isabel: Me hehe
Nick: Yup

What cheesy pick up line would you use to pick one another up if you just met each other today?
Isabel: No pick up line is the best pick up line, just walk up and say hello with a nice smile :)