Swim Debut Collection Sneak Peek


We are so excited to announce the news about our debut swim collection. We have been working on this collection for over a year - testing fabrics, creating laces that are waterproof, and molding underwires to create new silhouettes and support. We wanted to be very proud of our first swim collection and didn't want to just put anything out onto the market. We wanted a new take on swimwear- sophisticated, sexy, sleek and true to our brand image by paying attention to the little details like engineered scalloped edges and gold hook closures with our logo on them. We will be doing two seasons a year with new silhouettes, colors, and prints that are created and designed by our team in-house.

Swimwear was the next step for us - we had all these silhouettes that didn't work for SKIVVIES because they were a little too covered or sporty, so we have been saving them for when we wanted to start our first swimwear line. We are very proud and excited, and put lots of time into this collection, and can't wait for it to hit stores! 

The complete lookbook will be launching on December 9th, and you'll be able to shop these looks in three weeks. Here is the first sneak peek at the collection so you can see what's to come.



Stay tuned, you'll be able to browse the entire collection in a few short weeks. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on the past year.