Inside our Luggage


Early last year we packed our bags and headed over to Hawaii with our talented friends to shoot our Spring 2015 lookbook. Although it was a work related trip, we took advantage of what the island had to offer during our free time. Here's a little mini guide on what you'd find in our luggage.

FL&L Team



One of our best memories in Kauai while shooting our Pacific Getaway Lookbook was hanging out at Hideaways Beach. If you want a little peace and quiet, this is the perfect place for you. It's an amazing secret spot that you have to hike down to access the beach. The crowds are small and it is an extremely beautiful place to snorkel, sun bathe, and have the most ultimate beach day.


1. SKIVVIES - We love our lace knit styles from our latest spring collection because they are perfect for laying out on the beach. You never know where your island adventures will take you, so just throw on a sheer dress and you're ready to go on your next excursion! Let's just say the Pear Blossom set is the perfect middle ground between a swimsuit and undergarment. 

2. MAGAZINES - We are always digging through our favorite magazines for new inspiration. A vacation is the perfect place to become inspired and think of new ideas.

3. HAIR DETANGLER - Unite makes our favorite detangler. Just a few spritzes is all you need to battle that salty beach hair and make it smell amazing.

4. LEATHER SANDALS - Packing light is totally essential for a relaxing vacation. We all know how much room shoes can take up inside your luggage, leather sandals are perfect for both the beach and walking around town. 



Don't be fooled by the name. "Foodland" is an essential stop that you can't miss to get the best poke in Hawaii. (For those of you that don't know what poke is- it is bite-size pieces of fresh fish doused in seasons). Located right of the Kuhio Highway, they have a wide variety of different flavors and it's sold by the pound like a deli. Also make sure to stop by Wishing Well Shave Ice for a little afternoon treat. They have the insanely delicious coconut pineapple shaved ice.. you'll need to make a daily pitstop here. 


1. CROSSBODY BAG - You never know when the perfect photo op will arise, so hands free is the way to be! Pack light for daily activities and no hauling your life around while on vacation.

2. INSTANT FILM - How many of us are actually professional photographers? Instant film is always a fun way to capture Hawaii's naturally photogenic landscape in an old school way. Instead of having pictures just sit on your phone or digital camera, instant pictures are perfect for hanging up in your room when you get back home.

3. BAT YOUR LASHES BRA - It's no lie, we love doubling up our SKIVVIES as crop tops. Hawaii can get hot hot hot and you never know when you'll need to take a dip in the water.

4. SUNGLASSES - This one is pretty obvious, protect those eyes! Our current favorite sunnies are Raen and Karen Walker. 



Bar Acuda is one of our top places to spend the night out at. You can get a little dressed up and they have extremely tasty tapas and cocktails. Some of our favorite items to order there include the honeycomb and goat cheese, seared Hawaiian fish, and tropical sangria. You will leave as one happy camper after this spot!


1. TIKI BAR CROP AND SKIRT - This birds of paradise embroidered outfit is perfect for the Island. The cutouts and sheer sleeves will let you show off your sun kissed skin and it's perfect for Hawaii's night temperature. 

2. LACE UP ESPADRILLES - Cork heeled sandals are probably the dressiest footwear you'll need to bring to Hawaii. These are perfect for a date and you won't feel overdressed if you end up heading to a new spot after dinner.



It's always important to have your beauty essentials when traveling to a hot and humid island where you won't always be able to fix yourself up throughout the day. Here are some favorites to freshen up in before your big day out exploring.


1. NAUGHTY ROBE - We love feeling pretty in the morning. Pack a light robe for when you're getting ready in the morning to start the day off on your best foot.

2. BRONZER - We're big fans of wearing sunblock, so we like to fake a little tan with some bronzer. Our current favorite is by Too Faced! It has a matte finish so you can use it pretty much anywhere and it always smells delicious.

3. REFRESHING MIST - Jurlique makes an amazing rose scented refreshing mist. Hawaii can get a little sticky so it's nice to feel a little fresh inbetween showers each day. 



For a day of relaxation and taking in all of Hawaii's beauty, head over to Limahuli Garden and Preserve. You can hike around and explore the beautiful preserve that is known for showcasing Hawaii's native plants. Pack a book and a picnic and enjoy yourself in this serene garden. 


1. MINI BACKPACK - We picked up some really cool embroidered backpacks when we were in Guatemela and they are the perfect size for bite sized adventures. The one pictured is flat and flexible, so when we're not using it, it fits perfectly at the bottom of our suitcase. 

2. EXTERNAL USB CHARGER - Don't let a drained battery stop you from using your phone to take pictures! Anker makes an external charger that will charge your iPhone or GoPro 2.5 times with one charge and it fits in the palm of your hand. This ones a game changer.

3. SUNBLOCK - Slathering on the sunblock is a must.. your future self will thank you! We usually like non-scented for daily use, but sometimes we like to mix it up with coconut scent.

4. JOURNAL/BOOKS - We like bringing books on trips since there are random moments of downtime. Make sure to take notes in case you need to make recommendations to friends!