Words of Wisdom by Brandon Alter


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, we meet an hour early at our studio to do some yoga with Brandon. Yoga relaxes us and helps us clear our mind. It's a little way for us to de-stress, stretch our bodies, and to start our day off on the right foot. Brandon is an inspiration and helps motivate us each day, so we asked him to share his favorite stretches so we could pass the message along.




We spend our whole lives fighting against
gravity.  This pose is a beautiful opportunity to give that up. 
Spread your feet hips-width distance and hinge over your hip bones.
Put a soft bend in your knees and clasp your elbows while gently nodding your head 'yes' and 'no'.  Imagine your spine is a waterfall, pouring out through the crown of your head, pooling underneath you. This pose is about surrender; allowing gravity to lengthen your spine; letting your stress melt off you and onto the floor -- and then leave it there!



Twists not only help detoxify your body, they help to re-balance your spine.  This full body twist not only energizes but stretches while strengthening.  From your STANDING FORWARD FOLD, step your right foot back and keep your knee off the floor.  Plant your right hand on the inside of your left foot and twist that left hand to the sky.  Scoop your left hip underneath you while widening your right hip.  Repeat on second side.  Remember, a twist is only of value if you can keep your spine long and breathe fully. Don't force!



Life can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.
Child's pose reminds us we can always take a break.  We have the power to step out of the repeating loop of stress and struggle. Come to the floor on hands and knees, separate your knees as wide as your shoulders-- or wider.  Rest your forehead on the floor and keep your arms actively lengthening through your fingertips-- or let your palms face the sky.  Breathe deeply and let yourself feel supported by Mother Earth.


" My favorite part of teaching the For Love and Lemon Girls is their willingness to try new poses and not take any of it too seriously. Yoga is a healing art, not a performance art.  And these girls know that laughter is the best way to heal and grow! "


BRANDON ALTER is an internationally certified Pilates and
Yoga Educator, named the top Pilates Instructor in
Los Angeles for 2012 by rateyourburn.com.  His mother introduced him
to yoga at a young age and since then it continues to be a source of
his healing and strength.  Yoga is for all bodies and all ages; his
favorite part of teaching is watching his students become more at home
in their bodies and witnessing their life-force expand!   He teaches
privately and can be reached at alterbrandon@gmail.com