Luma's Fitness and Beauty Regimen


Tell us your secret! What is the best piece of advice you could give us for healthy, glowing skin.

LUMA: I have a few things that I like to do to keep skin healthy. Drinking a lot of water, cleaning my face really well before I go to bed, using sun screen everyday even if it's raining! And keeping it moisturized. 

How do you keep in shape and what is a healthy meal you like to cook at home?

LUMA: To keep in shape I make sure I exercise as much as I can and have a good source of protein during or after my workout! I don't usually do cardio, I focus on each muscle of my body with resistance exercises! And a healthy meal that I like to cook at home would be a kale salad with avocado and chicken, and for the flavor I like to add mangos or strawberries. 



What is your holy grail skincare product? (the one skincare product you can't live without)

My favorite product for the skin is a cleanser called "Go 360" from L'Oreal Paris, I've been using for a couple of years and it makes my skin very luminous! 

Do you have a beauty routine or regimen that you follow when prepping for a big shoot?

LUMA: The only thing I do before a big photoshoot is to make sure I sleep 8 hours, my sleep is precious to me and is so important to have energy for a good photoshoot, that's one of the keys for my professional and personal life too! 


What is your favorite FL&L piece from the spring collection?

LUMA: Hard to choose a favorite one, I love this collection! But I have to say, I wore the guava skirt with the matching top on Valentine's Day and my boy was like *heart face emojis*


Any tips for a healthy mind and body?

LUMA: "Don't worry be happy" is the secret and only key for a healthy mind in my opinion, taking life easy and seeing the good side of everything is so important to me and people around me!

What was your best/funniest memory from the shoot in Hawaii? 

LUMA: It's almost impossible to choose my favorite memory. Hiking through the trail that took us to the black volcano rocks, swimming in the beautiful blue sea, getting shaved ice in the little villa, it was all very special and we had so much fun during and after work, the whole experience couldn't have been better! 


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