Sleeping in With: Ludi Delfino and Eric Chambers


First thing you do when you wake up?

Ludi: Have a cup of coffee, check my emails and Instagram.
Eric:  Eat

Coffee or tea?

Ludi: Coffee
Eric: Neither. Water 

Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?

Ludi: I never stay in bed all day. I love being active even when its cold.
Eric: Same. I can't sit still. 



Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?

Ludi: I don't usually cook, but when I do I like to make gluten free pancakes with strawberries and blueberries.
Eric: I like to make breakfast sandwiches. 


Leather or lace?

Ludi: Both! Lace under leather on top.
Eric: Leather 


Mimosa or bloody mary?

Ludi: Margarita
Eric: Bloody Mary   

How do you and your man like your eggs?

Ludi: Omelet 
Eric: Over easy


Describe your man in one word. And your women in one word.

Ludi: Kind
Eric: Silly 

Morning hike or sleep in?

Ludi: Morning hike
Eric: Morning hike 

Who would you cast to play yourselves in a movie?

Ludi: Margot Robbie
Eric: Brad Pitt


What do you do to relax?

Ludi: Meditate, get my nails done or a massage 
Eric: Meditate, watch TV and any outdoor activity


What do you put on to impress your man/woman?

Ludi: Dance in my little sexy lingerie 
Eric: Cook amazing dinners

Who hogs the bed covers

Ludi: Me
Eric: Ludi 


What does your man find sexy in your Sunday lounge wear? 

Ludi: White Tee and white underwear.


Who controls the remote?

Ludi: Eric. I don't care. I like my computer.
Eric:  Me

What part of your morning routine can you not do without?

Ludi: Shower, brush my teeth and having my coffee.
Eric:  brush my teeth

Who takes longer to get ready?

Ludi: Meeeeeeeeeeee
Eric: Ludi 

Who does the most chores around the house?Ludi: Equal
Eric: Equal