Mommy on the Go: Esther Houston



New blog series alert! This week we present the very first installment of our Mommy On The Go series. Each blog story will feature a mom in the fashion industry and her cute little sidekick. Working in a demanding industry and juggling mom life? We have to ask these ladies how they do it and also stay so stylish. This week, we asked model, Esther Houston, to share photos of her and her adorable baby Zion, and to share advice on what it's like being a mom. We hope you enjoy our new series and stayed tuned for more to come!


What is your go-to outfit when you’re hanging with your son?
Anything that doesn’t get ruined in 2.5 seconds

How has your daily routine changed since having Zion? 
EVERYTHING changed. His needs get taken care of first, before I even think about starting my day I've already changed and fed him and have already planned his day. Kids always come first, no matter what!

Favorite tunes to play for Zion?
Hip Hop. Haha!


What part of your morning routine can you not do without?
Washing my face and putting my favorite creams on. And taking my time brushing my teeth. Im a compulsive tooth-brusher!

Favorite thing to dress Zion in?
I love dressing him, almost more than I love dressing myself! There are so many cute brands for kids out there, I love putting him in skinny jeans, a t shirt and a cute jacket or cardigan.

Quiet day at home with the family or night out with the hubby?
Both. Its all about balance.


Describe baby Zion in three words. 
Happy, funny and affectionate

Funniest memory of Zion.

Everyday is a funny memory in the making. Watching him try to repeat words and imitate adults is always the best!

What keeps you energized?

Red bull, coffee, other things that contain caffeine.. hah!


Favorite part of being a mother?
Cuddling and kissing him until he’s super annoyed with me!! 



Aquarium or zoo?



Whats your favorite way to wear FL&L?
Layers and flats. Its such a feminine brand, I love everything FL&L!

What's the best style tip for a mommy on-the-go?
I guess my best advice to stylish moms is to not give up on looking and feeling good just because you have a child. Its so easy to just do whats most convenient and practical and put your personal style aside, but Ive found it to be really important to try to take care of yourself as well in the middle of all the craziness.

Whats your trick to balancing mommy time with everything else you have going on?
I have no trick really, Id love to know what the trick is but at the end of the day you just kind of figure out how to do it. It comes with the territory. Its not easy but its possible! 


What is your favorite meal to cook for Zion? 
Zion is only 19 months, so he is not very demanding yet. Which is a great thing for me as I’m not much of a cook… 

What’s the hardest part of being a mother?
Being a mother is hard work! No days off, no vacations, no weekends.. A lot of sacrifice but also a lot of joy!

What do you do to relax?
Massages. I LOVE getting them.




What’s your favorite family activity?
Going to the park, beach or playground together. We also love including Zi in our activities as much as possible.

Favorite family moment?
I love hanging out with my family. My favorite is to watch my hubby and son playing and having fun together.



Photographer: Tiago Chediak @tiagochediak
Model/Stylist: Esther Houston @eswhoo
Zion Houston @ziwhoo
Assistant Stylist: Sasha Benz @sasha__benz
Location: SoHo Grand