Mommy on the Go: Kelsey Harper


Mother's Day is approaching fast so we asked Kelsey Harper, the woman behind Flower Girl Los Angeles, to give us a simple guide on creating a floral arrangement that you could make at home. 

We first met Kelsey and her cutie sidekick, Harrison, when she built a beautiful palm leaf backdrop for the set of our Spring photoshoot. We loved her work so much that we had to ask her to help us make flower leis at our Hawaiian themed 'Pacific Escape' launch party. Needless to say, her flower station was a huge hit and what made the night so memorable.

When this busy mom isn't creating flower crowns for the runway and arrangements for celebrities, she's hanging out with her cutie pie son, Harrison. Check out the adorable photos below of Harrison helping his mommy create something that you could easily create for your own mom this Mother's day.



Step 1:

Fill a vase with fresh cool water


Step 2:

Using your base flower of choice, in this case we used white hydrangea, completely fill the bottom of the vase to create a layer for the rest of your flowers to sit upon.


Step 3:

Next, add an accent or greenery around the bottom edges and throughout the center. We used dusty miller, but I love foraging things from my yard like jasmine or passion vine too! 


Step 4:

Cluster your main flowers with some of your smaller accent flowers into groups of three stems in three to five different areas of your arrangement. I like to choose a front and make it extra special in that area being sure to cluster some blooms low and some higher to give the arrangement depth. I used light pink peonies, pink ranunculus, pink calla lilies, and pink roses. 


Step 5:

Give your arrangement a spin and look for any areas that could use some extra attention.


Tips from Kelsey!

1. Don't cut your flowers too short, you can always cut off more of the stem if it's too tall, but you can't undo once you've cut. The flowers tend to sink if they're too short.

2. Process your flowers first. This means to clean the stems of the flowers, take off extra leaves on the bottom of the stems, pluck any petals that are damaged or bruised and put them in as soon as you get home. This also makes your arranging go quicker and keeps the water fresh and helps your arrangement last longer.

3. Use sharp shears, I prefer Corona clippers that are really dainty and cheap ($7), I have them in every purse and scattered all over my office. They are great for dealing with dainty flowers like ranunculus.

4. Get an early start! Most of the best vendors in the flower market close around 9 am, so be sure to get there by 7 am at the latest!

5. Choose containers that let the flower shine. I like simple glass cylinder vases that aren't too busy or distracting.



What is your go-to outfit when you're hanging with Harrison?
I love denim and basics, being the mama to an active leads to some very messy days in the yard.

Funniest memory with Harrison?
All of his pronunciation of his first words are definitely funny, my favorite to date is how we pronounces the word "ox" like "ookcchh" it cracks me up.

What's your trick for balancing mommy time with everything else you have going on?
Taking time for myself is extremely important. I work from home, and although I hate being away from my son, I know the importance of taking time to get a massage or a manicure. Doing things that relax me in the little time that I have makes me feel refreshed and present when I pick my son back up. My patience is restored when I take some time for me.

How has your daily routine changed since having Harrison?
Not a lot has changed. I vowed to myself that I would not let having a baby change my life the way people tell you it will. I wake up early for work anyway, and Harrison loves coming to the flower market with me. We also go to concerts, out to dinner on dates and have weekend getaways together. We started the getaways when he was one month old, to the Ojai Rancho Inn. 

Favorite family moment?
Harrison's first birthday was really special. We had family in town from out of state and all of our closest friends to my moms house to celebrate. It was definitely a huge milestone and a beautiful day.

Describe Harrison in three words.
Loving, busy, accident-prone.

Aquarium or zoo?
Monterey Bay Aquarium (but I do newly LOVE the living desert zoo in Palm Springs). You can feed giraffes carrots straight out of your hand and they have a slide shaped like a cactus.

Favorite tunes to play for Harrison?
Harrison loves Raffi, which is what I grew up listening to and still love. He also likes country music... a lot.

What part of your morning routine can you not do without?
As we groggily wake up, I ask Harrison if he's ready to rise and shine and he either shakes his head yes or no. Usually it's yes and we put on this song "rise and shine" by Raffi. If it's a no, we go back to sleep in each other's arms.

Favorite thing to dress Harrison in?
Zara Baby everything, and also some basic white Hanes Tees with converse. 

Favorite part of being a mother?
The sense of purpose that I feel every day. Knowing that I work hard in order to take care of someone who genuinely needs me.