Mommy on the Go: Andrea Van de Vort


Meet Andrea and her cutie sidekick, Cannon! Our newest Mommy on the Go is the fashion crusader for San Diego; bringing LA's favorite brands down to the lovely ladies of Del Mar. Whether she's heading to Las Vegas for a buying trip or hosting a For Love & Lemons trunk show inside her boutique, this mommy-on-the-go is unstoppable! We gotta give her some major props - raising a baby and running a business is not an easy feat. 



Are you planning to take Cannon to the Del Mar Fair this Summer?
I won’t be taking Cannon this year - I don’t think he’ll appreciate the ferris wheel just yet ;) But I am planning a VDV Babe Night Out at the fair!

Favorite part about starting your family in San Diego?
San Diego is an amazing place to have a family! There are so many parks and kid-friendly classes and activities… and so many young moms to have baby playdates and happy hours with!  Being so close to the beach is also a plus since Cannon is bound to be a little surfer grom.  I see many long days at the beach watching my husband and Cannon surf together in the future. So fun!

What's in your diaper bag (aside from the obvious)?
Aside from the obvious, I have some homemade hand sanitizer made with some of my favorite essential oils, and a change of clothes for myself…. I never could’ve imagined how many times I would have to change my own clothes everyday because of what comes out of that tiny little body!

What is your go-to outfit when you’re hanging out with Cannon?  
Since I’m exclusively breast-feeding, I have to wear easy-access pieces that I don’t care about getting a little dirty… definitely no more silk tops these days!

Lace or Silk?
I’m a sucker for lace - something about lace is just so timeless, romantic and pretty.


Who's easier to dress: Cannon or the clients at your store?
Clients at the store for sure!  Dressing a boy is hard - especially when my husband is so picky as to what I put Cannon in.  Nothing “too cute” is allowed for a boy apparently!

Would you be interested in selling kids clothes at Van de Vort?
I’m currently obsessed with baby clothes and would love to start a children’s division at VDV, but that’s a long ways down the road… if only there were more hours in the day ;)

Whats your trick to balancing mommy time with everything else you have going on?  
I’m still trying to learn this talent!  But taking advantage of nap time is key!  There’s no such thing as “sleep when the baby sleeps”… its more like “get those emails done when the baby sleeps!”

How has your daily routine changed since having Cannon?
It’s changed completely!  No more full nights of beauty rest, running quick errands here and there, and making plans on a whim… these things aren’t impossible though, it just takes a lot more planning and an organized schedule to conquer everything that needs to get done.

What activity do you miss the most since your son was born?

I miss impromptu happy hours with the girls and spur-of-the-moment weekend trips with my husband.

What is Cannon's favorite toy?
He just started noticing toys… so far he enjoys his baseball rattle, and he loves chilling in his Mamaroo baby swing.

First thing you do when you wake up?  
Cannon is the happiest first thing in the morning!  We spend a good hour hanging out in my bed, singing songs and reading books… he’s extra giggly then so it’s the best way to start the day off!

Coffee or tea?  
I just gave up coffee (which is a huge deal!), so a small cup of green tea in the morning it is :)

What's the best style tip for a mommy on-the-go?  
Comfortable shoes always!  Being a mom means an active lifestyle and those stilettos just won’t cut it any more.

What keeps you energized?  
I love getting a good sweat in!   Since I don’t have a ton of time to workout throughout the week, I get a couple intense sessions in with a personal trainer to squeeze it all in… I leave feeling stronger, clear headed, and energized!


Favorite family moment?  
So far, my favorite moment would be the day I gave birth!  The room was full of family, we had music blasting, essential oils diffusing, and baby Cannon came flying out - it was an awesome day :)


Describe your kid(s) in three words.  
Cuddly, cute, and hungry!!


Favorite tunes to play for Cannon?  
He loves Raffi nursery rhymes… and Drake!  He stops crying as soon as we blast a little Drake haha


What do you do to relax?
Hang with my husband with a glass of red wine and some music in the background.  Talking about our days and our hopes for the future of our family - it’s all warm and fuzzy feelings.

What’s the hardest part of being a mother?  

Putting someone’s needs before yourself in every aspect…Cannon loves to be held -  I’ve mastered typing with one hand, putting on my makeup with one hand, and eating an entire meal within a matter of minutes… tending to baby comes before everything!


Favorite thing to dress Cannon in?  
He loves wearing a good pair of harem pants and a plain white tee.


Whats your favorite way to wear FL&L?  
FL&L is my go-to for every special occasion so I have a ton of their fancier dresses, which I love to dress down with a good pair of booties for everyday wear.

Favorite part of being a mother.  
It’s an amazing feeling to know that such a precious life completely depends on you as a mother…the instant bond that we share can’t be described in any other way but “the best thing ever”