It's What's Underneath...


At For Love and Lemons, it's never just a bra or pair of undies. It's about redefining the art of intimates to keep them just that; intimate. It's what's closest to you throughout your day... It's the secret weapon behind every woman's smile. It's a way to honor yourself even if nobody sees it, especially if no one sees it. It's just for you. It's a way to take pride in every little thing you do, even down to your pretty little SKIVVIES. It's what's underneath...

We recently caught up with Carmen Hamilton, the beauty blogger behind The Chronicles of Her and Vogue Australia. With a clean aesthetic and a penchant for delicate lace, (not to mention, this lady can definitely rock a pantsuit like a true boss), we knew she would be the perfect person to help us tell story of SKIVVIES through her photos. Come take a look through her lens. 


Carmen, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the industry?

I studied Journalism and Marketing at university, but always had an interest in fashion from a young age. I loved dressing up, and my mum made costumes so I was always surrounded by beautiful things. I started reading blogs in high school, and I was spending so much time on them that I decided to use some of that time to start my own. I was persistent, and my career evolved from there. 


How did you go about starting your blog? Any recommendations for up and coming blogger out there?

I’ve always been impulsive, so I just launched into taking images and posting things without any kind of strategic direction. I still can’t decide whether that was my strength or my downfall, but if I could start again, I’d definitely do more research and planning. There are so many blogs out there, so to break out from the noise, you really need to know what your point of difference is, and decide who you want to talk to. You should remember this with everything you do, and every decision you make. After that, it’s all about persistence. If you really love what you’re doing, this part will be easy because it won’t feel like work!

What was your big break and where did your relationship with Vogue blossom from?

Things really started happening for me when I moved to Sydney about four years ago. Most of the brands are based here, so everything became more accessible. I started blogging for Vogue a couple of years ago which was, and still is very exciting for me.


Are you a lace girl or an embroidery girl?

Lace all the way. 


Favorite way to style a lace mini?

With flats - sandals in the summer, or cute brogues to toughen it up a bit. 


What should be every girls staple For Love & Lemons pieces be?

The Florette Bralette. I’m obsessed!


What should be a part of all women's beauty routines?

Always remove your makeup before bed using an oil cleanser, drink alkaline water, dry body brush before showering, use a chemical exfoliant a few times a week, wear less makeup and smile often!

What are three clothing staples that should be in every girls closet?

A structured black blazer, black skinny jeans and a crisp white boyfriend shirt.

What is your favorite way to style SKIVVIES?

My style tends to be quite masculine most of the time, so I love wearing beautiful lingerie so it just pokes out underneath to keep it feminine. 

Why should every girl get behind the trend of wearing inner wear as outer wear?

Because it adds another whole dimension to your style through layering. The possibilities are endless! Plus, wearing nice lingerie makes you feel amazing. Full stop.