Sleeping in With: Leah and Jakeh Bradley


Life can at times seem like all you’re doing is rushing and “catching up”; waking up, drinking coffee, rushing to work, eat, sleep, repeat. While the ladies at For Love and Lemons love the grind, we long for moments where we can just slow down time, even just for a morning, and just forget about alarms and early morning wakeup calls…There’s something to rising when the sunlight breaks through your curtains, no alarm clocks, no rushing, just Sleeping In. A good morning filled with positivity will bring that extra pep in your step and keep you smiling to yourself all day. Throw on a cozy Knitz cardigan over your SKIVVIES from the night before, turn on your favorite tunes, and wander (or boogie) your way into the kitchen. There’s a certain honesty in the morning; no makeup, no weight from a long day, just a new beginning... and there’s nobody better to share such a moment with than your man.

We love Sleeping In,  so we’ve brought you our next installment with this adorable sun kissed couple: Leah and Jakeh Bradley. We asked them to share their intimate morning moments with us in their favorite SKIVVIES and Knitz, because the only thing better than Sleeping In, is looking and feeling like a babe while doing it. Enjoy our newest Sleeping In With; Leah and Jakeh Bradley.



Favorite weekend getaway location?
LEAH: Encinitas! We both love the beaches down there and nothing beats the coffee, Mexican food, and vegan cafes down south. 

What has been your most recent Netflix or podcast obsession?
 LEAH: FRIENDS! Jakeh has to cover my face with a pillow because I laugh out loud late at night while watching it. We watch about five episodes every night so at this rate we will be done with the show next week. Haha.

Nicknames for each other?
LEAH: Jakeh calls me “bub” and I call him “boo”… don’t know exactly how we arrived at these nicknames but they make us laugh every time.

Favorite place to get takeout from?
LEAH: Wahoo's for Jakeh and Native Foods for me! 



Who usually wakes up first?
LEAH: Me, I think of too many things and what I want to do that day so it wakes me up. Then I’ll wake Jakeh up because I’m bored being awake alone. He loves it when I do that haha.


Do you like your man clean shaven or with a little scruff?
LEAH: I think he looks so cute all the time, but when he has a little scruff and some salty hair he’s just the cutest little surfer!

What is your favorite outfit that she wears?
JAKEH: Love her in some old jeans and one of my shirts


Are you two early risers or night owls?
LEAH: Jakeh is definitely neither haha but I tend to stay up late watching Netflix even if Jakeh is sound asleep at 10pm. Both of us LOVE to sleep in as much as we can. 

Waffles or pancakes?
LEAH: Definitely waffles with some fresh fruit on top. 

What song has been on repeat for you two lately?
LEAH: God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash



What do you and Jakeh like listening to?
LEAH: Earth, Wind, and Fire … ya we are like an old couple, but there’s nothing like dancing to some good ole disco, it just puts you in a good mood.

Favorite 90s jam?
LEAH: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice… makes us laugh and dance every time.

Who sleeps on which side of the bed?
LEAH: Jakeh would probably tell you that he sleeps on the right side and I sleep on the entire bed haha I’m the worst at staying on one side of the bed. 



Ideal date night itinerary?
LEAH: Some yummy food from our favorite little vegan café, a night swim down in the ocean, lots of cuddling, and some netflix binge watching. 

Sunday brunch or stay in and cuddle?
LEAH: Definitely stay in and cuddle… we have a tough time getting out of bed, it better be some really amazing food to get us up.