Days Off With: Sally Mustang


“‘Everything we do in life is Art. Whenever you pour your soul into it – it becomes creative. It becomes a part of your magic....’” -- Sally Botham

We get so lost in our routines that we lose touch with the immense freedom that exists in each passing day, if we choose to open ourselves up to it. Unnoticed days blend together in a flurry of monotony. Blink twice and you wake up and see that we are nearing the sweet spot between seasons, when the last rays of summer are beginning to flirt with autumn's chill... Let’s slow it down and embrace more breathless moments, more moments where you feel awake and in tune with each frame of the day. Your day is your blank canvas, what you choose to do with it is your art. 

Spend a day independent from the demands of your 9-5. Slowly waking with the sun, in your favorite pair of SKIVVIES, throwing on your coziest Knitz sweater and wandering off to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. It's the beauty of a Day Off. Don your favorite For Love and Lemons sundress and just wander around the city, head in the clouds,  no destination in mind. There is something to finding spaces to call home within a new city, finding inspiration in the uncertainty. Grab your guitar and your summer love and sneak onto a rooftop to play as the sun slips behind the skyline. Follow your bliss and take out those bucket lists from the boxes shoved underneath your bed! How do you do the perfect Day Off?

    We noticed Sally Mustang for the passion she puts in her own daily life. She’s an artist, a yoga teacher, a lover, and a drifter with no need for an anchor... so we sat down and asked her a couple of questions about the inspirations behind such a beautiful life.

 Write here...

We really admire your carefree attitude when it comes to styling. What styling advice would you
give the readers?

The way you dress is creative, it's a way to bring beauty to the world - It can change your day and mood, channel how you feel and be authentic. Be you.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
Teaching people how to be happy. Inspiring people and encouraging adventures.

We do it for the love and for our lemonade stand days; what inspires you as you create?
Usually my inspiration is taken from a place I have been to, explored, and felt good energy: the world around me. Every now and then inspiration is found from my daydreams and meditations.



Can you describe your personal style?
Messy? I guess it would be gypsy meets pirate. If that’s even a thing haha.
My hair is wild, my nails are always painted gold, I love a good band shirt and denim anything.
A lot of my personal style and daily outfits are Saris or dresses from my time spent in India, usually teamed with chunky biker boots or a hat.. oh and a lot of jewelry - all that sparkles..

What are some of your must have pieces from our Fall ’15 collection?
The Barcelona set and the Lilly Bralette is my must have for the season.

Yoga, modeling, painting, styling.. how do you balance it all?
Haha, I guess because I enjoy it all so much. My life is definitely a bit crazy and busy, but I love it. I have a lot of energy and seem to pour it into everything I do. Yoga for me is being the best possible person I can be, and teaching allows me to share this and connect with wonderful people. Modeling is actually a really creative outlet for me. I enjoy the role play, creating the story and I get really excited when shoots come out capturing that. I use to work alongside a photographer, so I enjoy the skill and beauty in that. Styling comes naturally, its something I have subconsciously been doing all my life. Even my dinner parties will have themed music, drink, food and decoration to match. My art and paintings, it’s my soul. It is the way I unleash my imagination without any judgment, it's passion and raw emotion.



What was the driving force behind your blog?
I wanted to share my beautiful life with people. It was an outlet for my travel writing and I use it to inspire people, encourage others to live a colourful, vibrant lifestyle.

What inspires your style at the moment?
It’s all very spontaneous. Music definitely. If I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix, I will walk out of the house dressed like him. When I'm with my boyfriend @MitchGobel_resinart, I will often be in overalls or a denim smock as we spend a lot of time creating and painting - its pretty common for most of my clothes to bear a smear of paint. Gypsy clothes - it’s when I feel best. . Jingles and jewels, Bollywood saris, crazy hair and red lips. This comes from my journeys and time spent in India and discovering the beauty there.

What does a typical day in the life of Sally Mustang look like?
I watch the sunrise nearly everyday, it's my way to watch the world light up. The sun: it's actually my favourite thing. I run most mornings, sometimes a bush track, sometimes the beach. I practice yoga everyday and try to spend as much of the day outside as I can. I will either be shooting or meeting with people/brands at some point of the day, but I fill my hours up in between with things that make me happy - a good breakfast, a hike, swimming in the sea, cooking, dancing or painting. I don’t have too many routines, I like to shake it up.

What are three things you absolutely can’t live without?
Yoga, sunshine and incense.

Whats next on your bucket List?
Africa... Watching an African sunset.



Whats your idea of a perfect day off?
A full day of adventure, a sunrise hike to the top of a mountain, the afternoon spent at the beach, food, music, and dancing with friends in the evening. Clean sheets on the bed.