LA Street Style with Sonya Esman


Here in sunny LA we sadly don’t get to see many seasonal changes, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to fully embracing all of our favorite Fall trends. That’s why we spent the day with our favorite Russian, turned Canadian, turned LA blogger babe – Sonya Esman. If anyone knows how to throw together a perfect LA-ready outfit for any occasion, it’s Sonya.

 Read on as we take you around Sonya’s Downtown Los Angeles loft and neighborhood, all along the way getting her Fall-friendly style inspiration. So if you’re having trouble picking your Fall wardrobe (whether it’s indecisively online shopping or getting in a deep Pinterest dream closet hole) you’re in luck because Sonya’s eclectic cool-girl style is sure to serve up some dreamy outfit ideas. 

Photographer: Patrick Maus

Hair/Makeup: Afton Williams


What’s your morning beauty routine? And/or favorite beauty products you cannot live without?

My morning beauty routine is usually waking up, taking a shower using a color-safe shampoo and my favorite oribe purple toner conditioner, using a sugar scrub all over my body, and then usually a light exfoliator on my face. Then I’ll usually just gel in my eyebrows and use a glamglow moisturizer with a light sheen. In LA, I’m pretty basic with makeup and morning routines.


Fill in the blank: you're about to leave your house for the day, but first,

I need to put at least five pairs of sunglasses in my handbag just in case.


What's your favorite styling piece in your closet right now?

My new black leather jacket with fur trim from Nour Hammour is literally obsession- I only take it off to sleep. And even then- it’s laying right next to me. 


If I could describe LA fashion in one word, it'd be:



My friends would describe my street style as:

As bipolar as my personality :D


Where are you originally from? How often do you visit?

I was born in Russia, but moved to Toronto when I was 5 years old. My roots are definitely Russian though, but culture-wise, I would definitely say I have a Canadian upbringing and mentality. I probably visit Russia twice a year, sometimes more depending on if I have work related projects.


What is one thing you really miss about where you’re from?

I really miss how emotionally raw the russian culture can be. How deep they feel, how extremely eloquently they express it, and how you absorb all of that unapologetic honesty when you’re in the country. 


How do you think your personal style changes when you’re in LA versus when you’re in other cities? 

For one, I rarely dress up when I’m in LA. I usually only build looks around adventures, so if I know I’m going to NYC for the weekend, I’ll build two looks with styles dependent on the mood I want to feel and portray that day. In LA, I’m usually working from home or running errands before my next adventure, so I’m a denim skirt and t-shirt with boots kind of girl basically, 24/7.


Where’s your favorite breakfast place/coffee shop stop?

My favorite breakfast place is probably sqirl in Silver Lake. Or blacktop coffee in the artist’s district.


Favorite place to window shop?

I love window shopping all the vintage shops along Sunset Blvd in Silverlake. One of my favorite is probably Furstofakind. I also love Barney’s.. Of course.


What’s your favorite restaurant/food truck to grab lunch on the go?

I’m a proud member of the (actually non-existent) Erewhon club, and love getting lunch there, but since it’s pretty far from DTLA, I’ll usually walk somewhere like Blacktop coffee or Lassen’s. Sage is great, too.


Where's the best place to get a dose of DTLA culture?

Walking around the diamond(or jewelry) district is always so fun, Grand Central Market, and then of course, the galleries and cool little cafes in the Artist District. 


What's your favorite part about living in DTLA?

My favorite thing about living in DTLA is how similar to NYC it feels. Everything is within walking distance, the streets are filled with chaos, the energy is high and overall, everything just feels poetic.


Where's your favorite place to take visiting friends LA?

My favorite place to take them is probably Calabasas- in the meadows and rolling hills that are beyond peaceful. I’m not the biggest fan of LA as a city, but California’s natural beauty is a sight that I try to show everyone. 


One of the best places for happy hour or a drink with friends?

I love any place in DTLA with a view, so my rooftop terrace actually works quite well, or the Standard Hotel.


It's 5 o'clock - what's your drink of choice?

I’m a kombucha girl 24/7. But If I’m at a social gathering, I’ll never diverge from champagne. 


What LA restaurant guarantees both a good meal and good ambience?

Honestly, honestly… I have no idea. I’m such a home body and I don’t like being crammed in restaurants unless there’s literally nobody else there. Is that strange? Bad answer? :D


What's your favorite part about what you do?

Being able to collaborate and work with some of the most creative, crazy, talented, unique people on this planet is something I am grateful for every day. The creative process of shooting, creating an image, a video, sending a message, sending an emotion- is what I live for. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your YouTube channel and IG?

This always sounds a bit arrogant, but I get inspiration from myself, my thoughts, my imagination, and real life experiences that I want to express through art. I often have to isolate myself just to get in touch with my true self and let my imagination run wild. 


One of the best activities I've done/event I've been to in LA was: 

Every time I go to Chateau Marmont, it’s a day worth remembering. Accidentally getting lost on a trail from Griffith Park to the Hollywood sign was also kind of cool. Although I would have to say the people you meet at house parties are incredible, too. 


A Fall trend I'm loving right now is absolutely androgynousity in women’s fashion, and one I will never get on board with is never say never.