Paris Street Style with Louise Follain

If you haven't noticed we're a bit obsessed with Paris - the city, people, style, we just can't get enough! In fact, when we were pulling inspiration for our French-inspired Holiday '16 collection, we kept coming back to the chic, classic euro-style of 1970s Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. So when we came across Louise Follain, who Vogue deemed a "dead ringer for Jane Birkin", we knew we would have to shoot her galavanting around her hometown of Paris. Louise, a full-time model who also happens to have the keenest eye for style, let us know what's in her wardrobe this winter and some insider tips about visiting Paris - no travel guide needed.  Read her full interview to get a glimpse into this Parisian's street style. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for impulsively purchased plane tickets to Paris after reading this story.

All photos were taken by Louise's friend and photographer, Kristin Vicari (see her eye-candy IG here). 


Where is your hometown?

 My hometown is Paris ! I was born and raised here :) I used to live in the 9th when I was a kid and now in the 11th near Republique which is a very moving area.

What is your favorite spot (restaurant, park, cafe, etc.) in Paris right now?

Right now, definitely my place because Paris is way too cold haha. But more seriously, Le Loir dans la théière is such a cute place to have tea when it's cold outside. I also love hanging out near the Carreau du Temple where there are lots of great cafes and restaurants. (Season, Café Pinson..)

The best part about living in Paris is: __________.

It sounds cheesy but Paris really is an open museum, so the best part about living here probably is that you get to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which i think is a huge luxury!


Your friend is visiting Paris for the first time - what advice would you give him/her?

First, try to walk everywhere. It's the best way to discover secret places and Paris is small enough to be visited by foot. Also, do not limit only to the centre, the best spots and most living areas are the ones you don't read in city guides. If you have the privilege to visit an area in Paris, stay in the north or east.

Your friend visits France but doesn’t know the language -  what would be the first words/phrases you would teach him/her?

I taught this sentence to a friend coming from LA this summer : "Auriez vous du feu s'il vous plaît?" It means "do you have a lighter please?" Although i know Americans don't smoke that much - but still, it can help

What is your favorite place to go if you are trying to get out of town for the weekend?

I'm very lucky because my parents live in Sevres which is a city in the near suburbs of Paris, but it looks like the country. It's extremely quiet and peaceful, so usually I go there when I want to escape the city stress. Otherwise, Normandie is beautiful, if you don't mind the windy roads and like pebble beaches :)


We all know Paris is famous for its delicious French cuisine - if you could have one classically French food for the rest of your life, it’d be: ________________.

I think Tartiflette. It's the most high-calorie dish but if it wasn't I'd spend my life eating this. It's a cheese, potato and onions gratin that's cooked mostly in mountainous regions. 

It’s December in Paris - what is one (or two) piece(s) in your closet you could not live without?

I love turtle necks. I think they're both elegant and sexy, i have tons of them. Also just a long, simple black coat always works!

If I didn’t live in Paris, I would love to live in ______________.

 If I didn't live in Paris, I would love to live in New York!


If I wasn’t a model, I’d love to be a(n): ______________.

Stylist, I'm actually starting to do some styling for when I will be done with modeling. And the two jobs are totally connected so I can do both for now ! 

One trend I love right now is ___________, and one I’m NOT loving is ______________.

One trend I love right now is the tartan. One I'm NOT loving is the Vetements trend... i'm trying, but I still don't get it haha

I would describe my personal style as: ________________.

Vintage influenced, yet very undefinable and messy - I have my obsessions, I can wear a piece for month, but decline it in every possible way. I don't like to limit to one style, I just go with whatever I think fits me and I think is cool or original.


No matter how many times I visit _________________ in Paris, I will never get bored of it. 

The garden of Palais Royal in Paris, I will never get bored of it

My favorite piece from the For Love & Lemons Holiday ‘16 collection is: __________________.

Collette Romper