Sleeping in With: Ashley Glorioso and Benjamin Font


If you don't know by now, Ashley Glorioso is our dear friend and number one boo since day one. She's a stylist and creative consultant and so much fun to have on set. She styled our very first lookbook back in 2012 and pretty much every single one since then - we even dragged her out of the country and took her to Guatemala with us for a photoshoot! When she's not busy getting her creative juices flowing and creating magic, you can find her eating pizza in bed with her man, Benajmin Font. Sharing a slice in bed on a Saturday morning? Sounds like true love. 



Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?
Ashley Glorioso: The Bagel Broker from Postmates
Benjamin Font: Classic 2x2x2...from Salt's Cure. Also via Postmates.


First thing you do when you wake up?
AG: Hit that snooze.
BF: Check my pulse, then my emails. None of your business after that.



What does your man/girl find sexy in your Sunday loungewear?
AG: A ripped T, high waisted undies, and over the knee socks.
BF: I honestly think she likes me in my dirtiest t-shirt, jeans, and slippers. She's sleazy af.


Coffee or tea?
AG: Tea.
BF: Last time I had coffee I ended up in the ER from a panic attack.


Mimosa or bloody mary?
AG: Both.
BF: Bottomless.


What do you put on to impress each other?
AG: I don't need to put anything on to impress him.
BF: I put the bacon on the frying pan.



What's on your nightstands??
AG: Water and Chapstick and a candy wrapper of some sort.
BF: Hers: four partial bottles of water and candy wrappers. Mine: an empty glass and a book I'll probably never read.


How do you and your man like your eggs?
AG: Right now I'm into an over-medium fried egg.
BF: Benedict.


|What part of your morning routine can you not do without?
AG: Brushing my teeth.
BF: Weekdays, chamomile. Weekends, shots.


Who takes longer to get ready?
AG: Me. But he takes longer to leave the house.
BF: I have a very specific beauty regiment that can't be rushed.




Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man?
AG: Anything that requires the door being closed.
BF: The part after I check my emails.


Morning hike or sleep in?
AG: Sleep in.
BF: Wake up early, but stay in bed.


Who would you cast to play yourselves in a movie?

AG: I'm more of a reality show type of person.
BF: Is the movie still getting made if we cast ourselves? I'm open to discussion.


What do you do to relax?
AG: Have a drink and play video games.
BF: Play buzzed Mario Kart.



Tell us your favorite joke.
AG: We're very serious people.
BF: No.


Have you ever played a prank on your man/girl? Tell us the story.
AG: Not really...have I?
BF: We're very serious people.


Leather or lace?
AG: Both.
BF: Both.


Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word.
AG: Mine.
BF: Italian.



Who controls the remote?
AG: Me.
BF: I operate, she controls.


What's your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES?
AG: Out.
BF: On the floor....


Cold gray mornings where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?
AG: Cold. Grey. Everyday.
BF: Rainy day It's Always Sunny marathons


What cheesy pick up line would you use to pick one another up if you just met each other today?
AG: The same one I used when I picked him up.
BF: I'd tell her my favorite way to wear SKIVVIES.



Dogs or cats?
AG: Dawgs.
BF: Coco and Fergie for life.


Favorite tunes to wake up to?
AG: I like a quiet morning. I listen to music on set all day.
BF: Golden Oldies.


Who hogs the bed covers?
AG: Fergie.
BF: Fergie.

Does your man Snore?
AG: No, but I do.
BF: Only when I drink.

Who does the most chores around the house?
AG: He does.
BF: Me.