Days Off With: Chelsea Leyland


There is a certain magic in the fearless babes who have the courage to vulnerably express their creativity with a raw and unfiltered authenticity.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in a mindset of creating or expressing ourselves for a response or applause, we forget to let go and enjoy fleeting moments in the pure lightness and vibrancy of being alive.  Being devote lovers of music, the carefully curated selection of sounds always helps elevate us into a natural flow of beauty in appreciating the magic of the everyday. 

We are excited to introduce a British darling who uses her magnetic raw style and killer talent to create music.  DJ, model, actress, yogi and fashion commentator Chelsea Leyland is one multi talented babe who uses her music magic to create a fresh vibe that lifts her audience into a lightness and vibrancy that reminds us to let go of the days fear or judgement and freely dance into the night. This natural beauty is not only internationally recognized for her eclectic DJ style, but is a force of gratitude and light.




Describe your personal style.

I always describe my style as bipolar as it changes by the day. I like to keep things pretty casual day to day as I'm actually a bit of a Tom Boy...jeans, t-shirts, leather jacket mixed with some vintage, big cozy sweaters and hoodies that I can swim in as they're often so big for me. In the summer I wear a lot of girly vintage dresses,  and I love Edwardian lace ones in particular... this is often when I start imagining I'm a character from an old French film. When it comes to DJing I'm often quite dressed up and get to channel a bit more of the sophisticated lady in me as I DJ a lot of chic parties.


What does a typical day in the life of Chelsea Leyland look like? 

There is no typical day for me, one day I might be in the studio on air hosting my Apple radio slot and the next I might be on a flight to DJ in Mexico city. I travel a lot but if I'm lucky one day I'm at home in Brooklyn practicing my yoga and making my own oils.



What's next on your bucket list? 

Peru...I'm dying to go!


What inspires your style at the moment?

 I always draw my style from characters in movies so as you can imagine this changes like the wind and it always come down to my mood. 



What's your guilty pleasure? 

Space Ice cream...yes Space Ice cream, it's freeze dried ice cream.


Catitude or puppy love?

Catitude always...


What's the most rewarding part of what you do? 

Traveling to far away lands for the first time and taking people on journey with music. Though nothing beats the people I get to meet along the way. 


Coffee or tea? 

Tea...I'm a Brit 


 Favorite night DJing? 

Tulum Mexico day time beach party!




Who is at the top of your "artists to watch" list?

Raury, Leon Bridges, Kilo Kish, Soffi Tukker


Thing I'm most looking forward to in 2016:

Working on a big Yoga project to help raise awareness and money for Epilepsy. This is a condition I suffer from myself and so it really means the world to me. 


Breakfast in bed or brunch on the town? 

Breakfast in long as its an English breakfast.


Must have clothing item for the season?

 I love my Joey Badass Pro Era bomber jacket I just got given, it's casual and cozy and perfect for a casual day walking in nature. 


One thing I'll never stop doing is:

Being grateful for the life I've been given and my amazing family.