IN THE STUDIO: Office Tour


Ever wondered what a day in the life at the For Love & Lemons studio is like? You're in luck, today we're giving you a tour of our studio that we recently expanded so you can see a peek at where we work hard each day to bring you lovely clothes, lingerie, and swimwear.

Our headquarters is located in the Arts District in LA and we've been here for a few years now. Our studio is meant to be a creative space with an open air feel, so there are no doors or walls that separate the employees. You can always see what every department is working on, whether our sample makers are draping fabric on a dress form or our social media girl is taking lingerie flats on a pretty bed of flowers. It's where we design all our clothes, make samples, take care of fittings, plan our photoshoots, and where we make all our business decisions.


We have a few areas with couches at our studio because we have different guests and clients stopping by each day. Occasionally we will have coffee and treats in the morning, so we'll hang out around the couches and see what projects everyone else is working on. Our office is dog friendly and we currently have four adorable doggies that are at the office everyday. They love being featured on all the employee's Snapchats so they have gotten very good at posing and being cute. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have yoga in the morning with our instructor and friend, Brandon. We meet in Laura and Gillian's office (the owners of FL&L), and get in our morning stretch before starting work. A new thing we are trying in our office is called Inspiration Wednesday. Once a month we work out of the office because changing up the environment gives us a different perspective and gets our creative juices flowing. This week we went to the beach to try and take Instagram pictures, we got sunburned, but the photos turned out so cute and you'll see them on our social media in the next week or so. Some of us went shopping for vintage and some of us just worked from home in pajamas. Whatever works!


When you walk into the main design area, you'll see a huge wall full of patterns we've made over the years. We keep an archive so we can always reference past styles and if there's enough of a request, we'll bring back some previous best sellers. We keep our bins fully stocked with different color elastics, trim, buttons, and zippers so there's no limit to what we can mock up. In case you're a little confused on the garment cycle, we only make samples at our design studio so we keep mostly smaller rolls of fabric here. Once we calculate how many units of each style we need to make for our retail stores and for our website, we'll produce the appropriate amount of fabric. From there our factory will create the actual product you can purchase on our website. The entire process from a sketch to the final product is about 9 months, we've already designed and had photoshoots for products coming out this October!


The best part about having in-house sample makers is that we can see a finished sample the same day it's designed and even do a fitting to see if any corrections need to be made. 


Whenever we have visitors at work they are always shocked at the size of the company! Maybe you're envisioning a big building with workers in every corner, but we're a really small team and each employee wears many hats. It's usually very quiet since most of us manage our own departments, but we do like to blast Justin Bieber on the speakers occasionally. One of the benefits of working for a small company is how fast we can communicate between each department. If a customer calls us to let us know that they are having an issue with a garment, our customer care girl can walk over to a designer and give instant feedback. It also means that we don't need to wait or climb all these ladders for our voices to be heard. 

A couple years ago, we brought our PR showroom in-house and it's where we display all our future collections. Having our own showroom has been amazing because we get to build relationships with people that love our clothes and they have a chance to learn a little more about the brand. It also means that our personal closets are extended and whenever we need a cute outfit for an event, we just borrow it from the showroom!


If you're picturing a studio with clothes everywhere, then you are correct! It seems like we are always running out of garment racks, but with the addition of SKIVVIES, KNITZ, and SWIM to the brand it just means even more samples and pieces to design. Things can get a little crazy before every photoshoot because there are hundreds of pieces we shoot each season, but we love it. It's inspiring to work with such a creative and dedicated team and it doesn't hurt to be around pretty clothes that we love and know others will love too. We are so happy to share our work with you and hope the clothes make you feel confident and sexy. 


If there's anything you'd like to see us blog about, send us a request at with 'BLOG REQUEST' in the title.