Sleeping in With: Julie Beekman and Ryan Lovelock


We first met cutie Julie Beekman on set at our photo studio and after just a few short hours of working together we fell in love with her sweet personality. Originally from the Netherlands, this classic beauty is a spitball of energy and charisma, which makes it no wonder that her hunky model boyfriend is totally taken with her. Even though their life is anything but mundane - think Eurotrips, skydiving and even Burning Man - this gorgeous duo can be found sleeping in on a Sunday morning complete with a hot cup of tea, tv show marathons and of course, cuddles. All photos of Julie were taken by her man, Ryan Lovelock


What does your man/girl find sexy in your Sunday loungewear?

Julie: Absolutely nothing! 
Ryan: What? I like to be comfortable!


TV show we’re binge watching on a Sunday:

Ryan: Whatever girlie show Julie needs to be introduced to.



Favorite thing about Sundays: 

Julie: Having a day off together and going to the beach.
Ryan: All the best shows come out on a Sunday night ;)


What animal would you compare your boo to?

Julie: A sloth
Ryan: A baby giraffe.


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Julie: Tweet tweet!!
Ryan: Hoo hoo!!



What breakfast-in-bed would you make your boo?

Julie: Banana pancakes with berries.
Ryan: Breakfast wrap


What part of your morning routine can you not do without?

Julie: A cup of tea or coffee. Depending on if it is a work day.
Ryan: Reddit


What is your most memorable experience together?

Julie: Sleeping with elephants, Christmas in Prague, skiing in Canada...
Ryan: Skydiving in South Africa, Montserrat, birthday in Venice, road trip to Burning Man!


Describe your man/woman in one word.

Julie: Supportive
Ryan: Caring


My boo is sexiest when: _____

Julie: He just trimmed his beard.
Ryan: She lets go.


Is your boo a toss-and-turner or sound sleeper?

Julie: He is definitely a toss-and turner and a cuddler.
Ryan: Same, but only a cuddler when it suits her haha. 


First thing you do when you wake up?

Julie: Make breakfast and a pot of tea.
Ryan: Go back to sleep and wait for breakfast in bed.