Making of: "Wildflower" Fall 2016 Collection

Every season it’s our goal to create completely unique pieces using new designs, fabrics, detailing and inspiration. We have been getting quite a few questions recently about how we develop the concepts behind our collections so we thought what better way to tell the story of our most recent RTW collection than by asking the designers and creative minds behind For Love & Lemons to give us the scoop.

Read on for an exclusive interview with For Love & Lemons founders, co-owners and lifelong best friends, Laura and Gillian. They’ll give you an inside look into the making of our newest collection, Wildflower, along with snippets about their favorite pieces and how they have found innovative ways to create new designs while also staying true to their roots that characterize the brand. 


Q & A with Laura and Gillian of For Love and Lemons


 What inspired you to create "Wildflower" Fall 2016?

G & L: We discovered images of an old abandoned seaside casino, the building was filled with art deco details, winding floral motifs and intricate door frames- all washed out and worn down from hundreds of years of neglect. The balance of decadence and destruction was just as beautiful and we found it so inspiring! The faded color palette from cremes, roses, robins egg blue and dirty whites, and the pristine details now crooked and chipped all added to the story. From here we designed the winding floral motifs, intricate embroidery layouts and dreamy creamy color schemes, re-imagined on a woman in late summer hazy fields. 

What are (if any) new design techniques or types of lace you played with for this collection?

G: Something new for this collection was the Percephone styles, we used embroidered panels attached together with lattice trimming. One of the dresses used about 40 panels, which was over 80 seams to make the dress! Lots of work, but so beautiful in the end. <3 

What was your favorite part of developing this seasons collection? 

L: One of the best parts of developing a new collection for me is always the photoshoot. This is when we really get to see the new collection come to life and have a voice of its own. The fall 2016 shoot is by far my favorite yet, we shot in the beautiful wine country right outside of Santa Barbara, CA.

What are both of your favorite pieces from the collection & why?

L: Mine has to be the Saffron Mini dress! I love the plunging neckline, the silk burnout fabric, and the floral artwork is perfect for fall!

G: My favorite piece is the Ayla Laced-up Dress. Its short and swingy and easy to throw on for any occasion. 


Watch the Q & A here: