Home for the Holidays with Jourdan Sloane

Whether it's bundling in layers from head to toe sipping hot cocoa or packing swimsuits and shorts hoping for some end-of-year sun, we all have those traditions that induce that indescribable holiday feeling. And while time and traveling can take us to far away places over the course of a year, there's something about the holidays that makes us all want to go "home", wherever that may be. So to kick us into an early festivity frenzy this year, we thought it'd be fun to find out about some of our favorite bloggers' holiday traditions in their hometowns. 

For our first installment, we're heading "Home for the Holidays" with beauty Jourdan Sloane. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Jourdan turned her eye for style into a fashion and travel-filled career. Heading back to Virginia for the holidays, Jourdan lets us in on her favorite holiday traditions and styling tips that are cold-weather friendly. 

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Where is “home” for you? And where are you spending the holidays this year?

I grew up in Richmond, VA and after moving away for about 8 years, my family just moved back! So that’s where I’m spending Christmas this year. It definitely feels like home for me there.


Do you travel back to your hometown often? Just for the holidays?

I love going home! I try to go as often as possible. I find home super relaxing. I forget about all of my work and responsibilities I left in the city.

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What is a holiday tradition you have with family or friends?

Traditionally, I take part in a secret Santa with my friends. We all will get together, wear sweatpants or pajamas and drink wine. Everyone who can bake usually bakes something to bring and snack on as well. Last year one of my friends made chocolate chip banana spice bread. It was divine.


My favorite thing about the holidays is: 

GIVING. There's nothing better than the positive energy of giving to others and seeing reactions of friends/family when they open a gift.  


What is the "holiday uniform" for you in your hometown? 

Well, for me personally when I'm home for the holidays, you'll find me in full pajamas. That's my uniform. If I get dressed for a party or family event I'll throw on some festive attire usually consisting of either sequins, dark-colored velvets, or faux fur. 

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The best gift I’ve ever received was: 

My dog Stella. However, I gifted her to myself. She's such an angel! Does this count? <3 (:


What kind of gift giver are you? Last-minute gal or plan-ahead queen? 

I hate planning gifts and I feel like they're more fun spontaneously. No one wants a forced gift. I save little things here and there throughout the year and give them during the holidays. I find it has way more meaning! Let's be honest, everyone is last minute sometimes too! 


What’s on your wishlist this year? 

I'm so lame. I feel like such an adult! I really want furniture for my apartment. I also really want a new camera. I'm thinking something like a Leica.


Hot cocoa or eggnog?

HOT COCOA. I'm obsessed. I have a really amazing (healthier) recipe. I sometimes make it with almond milk, cacao, chili, and cinnamon. SO good.


One accessory I’m loving this holiday season is… 

I am loving little silk scarfs. Especially vintage ones. I tie them on various bags, around my neck, or in my hair!


My "must-have" piece from the FL&L Holiday Collection is...  

The Lottie Ruffle Mini Dress!