Home for the Holidays with Lauren Johnson

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Lauren Johnson (aka Disco Daydream), is showing us around her current stomping grounds this holiday season - in her new hometown of Dallas, Texas. Aside from being a styling extraordinaire and a multi-tasking mama of two, Lauren is also the holiday "queen of stocking stuffers”. Read her full story to see what she’s loving this year!


Where is “home” for you? And where are you spending the holidays this year?

Home for me is San Diego, CA, but this year I’ll spend the holidays in Dallas. 


Do you travel back to your hometown often? Just for the holidays?

I don’t go back nearly enough! This is one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018. I miss it!


Can you tell us about a memorable holiday you had growing up?

Every year growing up, my family used to fly to New York to visit family and friends. There’s nothing like NYC around Christmastime.


What is a holiday tradition you have with family or friends?

Every year on January 1st, we used to go to the beach and dip our feet in the Pacific Ocean. I remember one year we were still on the East Coast for New Year’s, so my dad took a bottle of ocean water with us in our checked baggage! On New Year’s Day, we poured it into a big bowl and still dipped our feet in the “ocean”. It’s kind of a good luck thing now.


My favorite part about the holidays is:

Seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen all year! We are all over the place, so we really make an effort to all be in the same place over the holidays.


What is the "holiday uniform" for you in your hometown?

Dallasites really love getting to dress for the colder weather. I always see lots oversized sweaters in reds and creams, over the knee boots, and red lips during the holidays.   


The best gift I’ve ever received was: 

A diamond necklace from my sister. We are really close but we live across the county from each other. She has it’s twin, and everytime I wear it, it reminds me of her and makes me happy.


What kind of gift giver are you? Last-minute gal or plan-ahead queen?

I am notorious for being a last minute gift giver, but I am the queen of stocking stuffers! 


What’s on your wishlist this year?

A good pair of everyday sneakers and a mixer for our new house! We move the week after Christmas and I love cooking! I can’t wait to whip up some elaborate meals in the new house.


Hot cocoa or eggnog?

Hot cocoa all the way. I am a chocolate fiend.


One accessory I’m loving this holiday season is… 

Fuzzy bags. I’m embarrassed at how many teddybear-like bags I’ve accumulated this season.


My "must-have" piece from the FL&L Holiday Collection is...

The Dotty Midi Dress. It’s sexy, festive, and makes your body look like a million bucks.