Mommy on the Go: Joanne McKay

With the launch of our new Lil’ Lemons line, we wanted to bring back our beloved blog series “Mommy On The Go”! We are kicking off our first story of 2017 with Bali local Joanne McKay.

We’ve been a fan of Joanne’s long before Lil’ Lemons launched as she made us drool over her pictures featuring For Love & Lemons. So when we were brainstorming our favorite mommies who make balancing motherhood with their busy lives look easy, we knew we had to tap Joanne.

Read Joanne’s full interview to hear her thoughts on the best (and hardest!) part about being a mom. And of course, you’ll be fully daydreaming about her access to those Bali beach playdates!


Where are you originally from and when did you move to Bali?

I’m originally from New Zealand and I moved to Bali in 2013.


How has your daily routine changed since having Nala?

I’m a lot more motivated now and I have more energy. I go to bed early and wake up early, making my days a lot busier and more productive. Nala and I are always out doing something fun together.

What is the best part about being a mom?

The feeling of true, unconditional love. Getting to see her discover the world for the first time and sharing her excitement for things I usually take for granted. The endless cuddles and kisses. Making her laugh. 


What is the hardest part about being a mom?

Carrying around 13kgs in 30 degree weather. Especially when she’s passed out. I love carrying and holding her, but when we’re out, it’s humid and the sun is beaming, It’s not easy.  

What is Nala’s favorite activity?

Swimming, playing at the beach and drawing.  


If Nala had it her way, she’d eat _____ every day of the week! 


If Nala had it her way, she’d wear _____ every day of the week! 

nothing (she loves being nude!)

Is Nala a mama’s babe or daddy’s girl?

Mama’s girl ;) 


Can Nala be expecting a little brother or sister anytime soon?

I want 2 more! But probably in another couple years.

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