Travel Diaries: Maya in Sydney, Australia


Counting down the days until summer? You’re not alone. That’s why this week we’re following one of our longtime girl crushes, Maya Stepper, to Sydney, Australia, where it’s already summer and bronzing babes in bikinis are in full effect.

We met Maya when she visited LA for about 24 hours - one moment she was in the studio trying on everything FL&L and the next she was off to her next adventure. All we wanted to do was drop everything and follow her and her truly kindhearted and adventurous spirit. So when we heard she was planning a trip to Sydney, we did the next best thing to trying to fit ourselves in her suitcase. Read Maya’s “Travel Diaries" to get a glimpse into Maya’s trip - it’s full of top tourist tips, beach recommendations and first time visitor musts.

Photographed by: Brydie Mack @wolfcubwolfcub


Where are you taking us? 

Sydney, Australia. 

How often do you visit Sydney? 

I spent 3 months here last summer and now I come in and out for work once in a while.

Why were you in Sydney this time? 

I am here for work mainly but I also took a few days off in between to spend time with my friends and enjoy the beach.


What’s your favorite part about being in Sydney? 

It's the perfect mix of city and beach. I love Bondi and all the happy vibes here!

What is your “can’t miss” destination? 

A drink for sunset at Icebergs is a total must. That view never ever gets old.


Is there a phrase that you picked up on that all the locals say? 

"Its a good day for it, mate!"


What advice would you give a friend that has never been to Sydney? 

Be sure you stay close to the beach! And always wear sunscreen and a smile on your face!


f I could wear one outfit the entire time in Sydney, it’d be: 

My bikini!


Did you stay at an AirBnB, friends house, hotel? 

I have done all of these options :-) Airbnb is usually my favorite!


First thing to do when waking up in Sydney: 

My favorite morning routine is getting a coffee with a friend and going for a long walk along the gorgeous coast from Bondi Beach to Coggee. Then getting some well deserved breakfast (toast, poached eggs and a LOT of avocado).


One thing you can’t travel without: 

My phone with all my music and a good lip balm (currently Blistex).


Where I'm off to next... 

I'm going home to Germany, then Paris, Cuba and Spain. All within a month. Very exciting!


The hardest part about leaving: 

Well, it's never a goodbye, it's always a see you later :-)