Mommy on the Go: Ashlee Rose

Those of you who have followed us from the beginning know that we keep our team small. When we find an artist, stylist, photographer, etc. we like, it’s a long-term deal. So when we met hair stylist extraordinaire Ashlee Rose on one of our photoshoot sets about four years ago and saw her meticulous yet carefree style and attitude reflected in her work, we knew we had found a lifelong friend and collaborative partner. We have been lucky enough to see Ashlee’s knack for creating high-fashion yet perfectly wearable hairstyles evolve over the years as we have booked her as much as possible, both locally and abroad for our location shoots. She truly makes the vision behind our shoots complete.

A few years down the road, Ashlee had her beautiful baby boy, Jax. Her seamless adaptation to working-mom life made motherhood seem so easy! Read her full story to hear about her cozy life in Pasadena and how she made the leap into motherhood.


How has your daily routine changed since having Jax?

I have always been a morning person but after having Jax I realized what true early bird life was like. He has always been an early riser so my day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. It works out for the best though because then I get to have some time in the morning to just lounge around with him before I have to leave for work.


Favorite mommy/kiddo activity?

 My favorite Mommy/Kiddo activity is at night, after bath time, I'll put him in my bed and we get cozy and watch his favorite "Shoon" Cartoons before we do his bedtime routine. Just a few minutes of snuggle heaven.


If Jax was an animal, he would be a: 

Dinosaur, does that count? He likes anything that can roar or growl. He also is pretty good at howling like a wolf. 


Favorite memory with Jax: 

When I read the question "what is your favorite memory with Jax" I instantly think about the day before he was born. It was a Sunday and for the first time I felt totally ready to be his mom. I was ready to meet him and see him and know him. All my fears were on pause that day and I told him I was ready for him. That night my water broke and I got to see his sweet face 12 hours later.


How do you balance being a superstar mom with your busy schedule as a hairstylist? 

The reason I'm able to juggle my career and being a mom to Jax is 99% percent because I have an awesome partner and 1% coffee. Aaron is just the best dad and he supports my career. If I need to travel for work or if my jobs go into overtime I know Aaron has it all covered at home.


What’s the best part about being a mom? 

The best part about being a mom is the love. I have never loved anyone so much, I have never felt so loved. He just makes everything better. 


How do you unwind?

Well, Jax goes to bed at 7:30 so I unwind between 7:31-8:00 and then I'm usually asleep. Sleep is my favorite type of unwinding :)


Is there anyone in your family (including yourself) that Jax reminds you of? Why? 

All of our family is amazing, but I don't think Jax reminds me of anyone specific in our family.  Though he is named after his great grandpa who was just the kindest, most loving man with the best belly laugh, so if he wants to be like him that's totally fine with me :)


If you could talk to your past self, what is one piece of advice that you would give to yourself when you were pregnant with Jax? 

The one piece of advice I would give myself when I was pregnant with Jax would be to slow down. I worked up until the day before he was born. I was working everyday, crazy hours, and traveling for jobs. I would have told myself to pump the brakes a bit.


Can Jax be expecting a little brother or sister anytime soon? 

If my next baby is half as easy as Jax has been I would love to have a few more little babes. Jax is almost two so having another is definitely in the near future.