Celebrating Mothers

"We've come a long way since we started For Love & Lemons six years ago. Every year we uncover new inspirations for our designs, new women we admire that we create for and little nuggets of wisdom we learn from leading our daily lives. This Mother's Day we wanted to highlight a woman we find very similar to us - both in artistic expression and outlook on life. We hope that you find Noemi, our gorgeous mommy muse this Mother's Day, as inspirational and beautiful as we do."

- Gillian & Laura, co-founders of For Love & Lemons and Lil' Lemons



What is your name and who is your adorable baby girl?

I'm Noemi, and my beloved daughter is Gigi, named after the book, written by Colette, that i loved as a girl.

What do you do for a living?

I am a visual artist and creative director of Radiooooo.com, the musical time machine, my husband and my life's work!




What is your favorite part of your job?

Everything! The discoveries! We receive an average of a 1000 songs a day that we meticulously listen to and select to enrich our ever growing Radiooooo.com. It is such a wonderful experience to have people open up and share their knowledge and culture with you and the world, encouraging curiosity is definitely one of the favorite parts of my job! I have no routine, we draw, play around with paper cuts, we animate, we're constantly experimenting with new ideas, new techniques, things we've always wanted to tryout but never found the right excuse to,  we basically invented a creative laboratory to let our imagination run free! I also love working with my husband! Being able to create with the person you love is truly inspiring, being able to bounce off and support each other. I wouldn't be the artist and person I am today without him.




How has your daily routine changed since having Gigi?

It’s changed completely! This time I have with her is so precious and fleeting, I have my entire life to work, but this time with my daughter, who grows bigger and brighter every day, I'll only get that once, so I chose to keep her with me always. It's not easy juggling a baby and a scalpel, but we make it work :) 


A few words to describe Gigi are:

Bright, funny, curious and kind.




How do you juggle your career and being a mom?

The wonderful thing about being your own boss is that you get to be super flexible! Our team is small and the people I work with are my family, so I bring Gigi to our studio with me and everyone takes turns playing with her when I have to do something that demands more than one hand! I am so grateful to be able to allow myself the luxury of watching my daughter grow each second.

Gigi’s favorite playtime activity?

She loves her books! Right now her favorite thing is to select a book from her library, drag it into bed, hand it to me, snuggle her way under my arm and await for the story to begin!




One trait I see in Gigi now that I hope she has for life:

Her curiosity, her confidence, and her enthusiasm! Every time we got out, her eyes are wide open, scanning every detail the world around her has to offer her hungry eyes! I love how she waves hello to everyone in the street. When we got to the park, she smiles at every other child, eager to interact and make new friends! 


If you could talk to your past self, what is one piece of advice that you would give yourself when you were pregnant with Gigi?

Take it easy! Make time for yourself! Because once she's out, that ship has sailed! I was so super active when I was pregnant, I thought I had to get done as much as possible before our precious cargo arrived, that I forgot to enjoy all the little things a person without children can enjoy, like sleeping! I stopped working one week before Gigi was born, and I honestly wish I would have taken more time to rest up for the task at hand because motherhood is a full time job!




What’s the best part about being a mom?

Everything. Having the privilege and responsibility to watch my daughter grow bright and beautiful into the incredible little person she is shaping up to be has been the most glorious adventure of my life. She is our greatest creation, the fruit of love, the gift of life. Since the day she arrived on this earth till the day we draw our last breath, her papa and I are dedicated to creating an environment where she will feel safe and loved, always, where she is encouraged and inspired. It is such an incredible feeling, being able to instantly reassure your child by your simple presence. To give her confidence by being by her side. I will be with her every step of the way in her journey through this life. It is so humbling to hold that level of importance in the eyes of this tiny human you love above all. The best thing about being a mother is when your child looks up at you, all you see, is infinite and pure love.