Mommy on the Go: Leah Bradley

Adventurous, fun-loving, free-spirited. All words that describe our newest mommy muse, Leah Bradley. You may recognize Leah from her first story she did for us a few years back when she was featured on our “Sleeping In With” series. So when we saw her and husband, Jakeh’s, newest little addition, we had to know how this on-the-go couple is adjusting to their new lives as parents. Read on to hear about how Leah’s adjusting to motherhood and how she’s raising her cute and curious little one!

Photos by: Jakeh Bradley

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Introduce you and your little one!

Hi! My name is Leah and this is my little unicorn babe Zippy! We are living on the road and exploring everything around us. We both enjoy the beach, mangoes, and long naps! Haha


What is the story behind Zippy’s name?

Zipporah is actually a biblical name - turns out she was super awesome and tough... stood up for herself and took things into her own hands. I thought it'd be an awesome name and fitting for my baby girl to have some major girl power in her name! Plus the nickname Zippy just seemed so perfect. 

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How has your daily routine changed since having Zippy? 

I now try to squeeze in all my work in the morning and evening so I can be fully present and ready to explore with Zippy during the day. We decided early on we wanted Zippy to be able to go with the flow and be fine napping wherever. So she's mastered that and it's amazing. We just take her along with us wherever we go and she adapts! She loves to be included on all our adventures. 


Can you describe your parenting style? 

I'm definitely what they call a "helicopter parent" but not in a bad way. I think most new moms are. I love to be involved with everything she experiences but also give her time to explore and entertain herself. She's so great on her own and I love watching her grab flowers and play in the sand - it's crazy she's discovering everything for the first time.


What’s your favorite activity/pastime to share with Zippy?

Zippy and I would spend every second at the beach if we could. Zippy is fearless and wants to swim towards the waves and she LOVES the sand, she thinks it's both for playing in and eating. 


Do you have a favorite memory with Zippy?

Definitely when she figured out how to give me a kiss back. She grabbed my cheeks and pulled me towards her and gave me a big wet kiss. It was the best thing ever.

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How do you balance personal time with mommy time?

It's funny this was something I worried about when I was pregnant but to be honest, once you have a baby I feel like you really become so much more selfless - there's no time to be anything but that. I don't get a lot of personal "me" time but I wouldn't have it any other way. Any moment that I'm not working or shooting I just want to be holding and squeezing her. Of course some days I do need a little peace for just a few minutes haha but my man is really great about letting me go for a swim at the beach or letting me eat without a baby jumping on my lap when I need the relief, haha.


Is there a piece of parenting advice your present self would give your pregnant self?

I would definitely tell my pregnant self to stop googling and worrying about every possible way you can mess up or your baby can get hurt or sick. If you're so caught up in worrying you miss out on everything amazing that's happening right in front of you!


Describe Zippy in 3 words:



What’s one trait you see in Zippy now that you hope she never loses?

Zippy has so many great qualities I never want her to lose. She has such a little independent spirit, she knows what she wants and doesn't need our help. She's so content entertaining herself and is totally fearless so we watch her figure out new tricks on her own and when she masters them she looks so proud of herself. I hope she never stops being so confident and fearless!

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Have you had any goals or long-term aspirations change or evolve since having Zippy?

It's crazy how motherhood changes you. I've always had a free spirit but since having Zippy I've really realized all the things you think you want like an amazing career or even a perfect house don't really matter at all. I'd rather live modestly and spend my days showing her the world around her and teaching her how to love the people and animals we share it with. That's why my husband and I are currently living on the road!


As a mom, I think it’s important to: 

Be fun and have fun! Sometimes people make you feel like you suddenly have to be a grown up and so serious when you have a baby. I threw that out the window real quick. It's so much more fun making chicken noises and laughing so hard it hurts than worrying about being the perfect parent.

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